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2.1.0 Edward and nancy Reddin Kienholz


The following essays will consider the work of Ed and Nancy Reddin Kienholz.  The first essay focuses on examples of Ed Kienholz’s work before his collaboration with Nancy Reddin Kienholz and the second and third deal with their collaborative works. The three essays, in their own ways, deal with the question of literature as it operates in the Kienholzes' work.

*All images were scanned or photographed from source books and are treated like text citations. Pop up menus indicate bibliographic reference to [author, title (when more than one book by a single author is listed), page #]. Original credit listings can be found at the source referenced in the Bibliography.

2.1.1:  Locating the Literary:  Reading the Work of Ed Kienholz 1955-1972
2.1.2:  Well Those Passions Read:  Ozymandias, the Kienholz Parade, and the US Constitution
2.1.3:  Passenger Seat Packard, ’94



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